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I wanna talk about bad stuff. Really bad things. Tragedies, disasters…y’know, bad things. All the bad things.

So, today, I’m writing about All Bad Things – A Disaster Podcast. I am very excited, to say the least.

I recently (very, very recently) discovered this podcast while compiling another list of reviews that I needed to write. I was sleeping on the floor in a condo at the beach, after having consumed a few too many margaritas (happy birthday to me), when I accidentally clicked on this podcast.

This is the review that almost wasn’t.

I’m just kidding, it would have happened eventually.

But I started with a pretty significant multi-part topic, and I was hooked immediately. Let’s talk about that.

All Bad Things is a podcast that is hosted by Rachel and David. The idea of the podcast is that our hosts go into detail about…bad things? Pretty self explanatory, except they talk about tragedies and disasters that aren’t necessarily crime related. Natural disasters, human error, coverage on the tragedies that we don’t really see much from podcasts. Typically, Rachel does the research, and David has the bad jokes. What really hooked me, however, is what I listened to first.

I have always had a pretty insane obsession with Chernobyl, the meltdown and disaster that occurred. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about this event until I listened to the four part episode that All Bad Things recorded. I learned so much that I didn’t know, and thought about things I’d never thought about before. Their coverage on this topic really gave me a shift in perspective on how I view this awful tragedy. All it took was a couple of hours and one of my favorite dark moments in history and I was hooked. In fact, the entire nine hour drive home the next day was spent binge-listening to episode after episode, and I was drawn in more and more each minute.

Rachel does meticulous research, and it shows. She knows what she’s talking about, and relays the information with confidence but solemnly, because these are heavy topics. She always approaches the disasters themselves with respect, and that’s admirable.

David, on the other hand, is the kind of person you’d want to hear on the radio. He has an exuberant personality that shines through the speakers, and the kind of humor that makes you want to laugh and smack him at the same time.

Much like a lot of podcasts that deal with really heavy topics, humor and silly banter is used to lighten the atmosphere a bit. This isn’t done out of disrespect; it’s clear that Rachel and David are incredibly respectful towards these past tragedies. The humor is more of a tactic of self-preservation. Much like Corpus Delicti, they seem to use humor to “laugh to keep from crying.” It is understandable. Some of the topics they cover are so absolutely heartbreaking, it’s impossible not to break down while listening.

That said, they cover a lot of topics that I didn’t know about. I did not realize how many well-documented instances of plane incidents there are, until I started listening to some of the flight-oriented episodes and starting doing my own research. I also did not realize how often stampedes and trampling comes up in the tragic history of humanity.

These topics they cover are bleak, but fascinating, and have been very cathartic for me. I have a control problem, and researching disasters (specifically of the natural and/or apocalyptic variety) gives me a chance to breathe. I know for a fact that I cannot cause earthquakes, or hurricanes, or floods. It is a relief to research things that I cannot be blamed for. So I am very thankful for All Bad Things for giving me relief from my anxiety in a morbid, strange way.

If you like podcasts about disasters, tragedies, human error, or Mother Nature showing her ass just because she can, this show is for you.

All Bad Things can be found on StitcherFacebookTwitterInstagram, and their website that could probably stand to be updated haha! This podcast has 34 ratings on iTunes, which comes up to four stars (though I definitely give them 10/10).

I cannot recommend this podcast enough and I have not shut up about it. Please give it a listen! And to David and Rachel: Keep up the great work! Y’all are hella awesome!

Dumb and Busted


Hello, again, Sarah here with another review! 

I’ve been looking forward to writing this review because listening to the podcast was just as fun as writing about it will be! 

Dumb and Busted tells stories of “insane stupidity and exceptional genius”. A laugh was exactly what I needed today and these hosts absolutely delivered. From the cute recorder playing intro to the crazy stories, it’s kept me smiling for hours. I don’t do things by half so when I find a podcast I enjoy, I shamelessly binge listen. 

I’m definitely not the only one who enjoys this show, there are SO many five star reviews that are gonna tell you exactly what I am – that if you like a little morbid humour, you should be listening to Dumb and Busted. 

The first episode I listened to featured a man who blew himself up with fireworks, and a mortar shell?! WHILE he was looking directly into his set up to see if it would work?! To be honest, clumsy and ridiculous as I am, I can see me going out in some really odd way. “ 

Here lies Sarah, she slipped on a grape in the kitchen, grabbed a towel to try to break her fall, which had a crock pot resting on it that fell off the bench and knocked her out.” 

Allyson and Hannah have this really great and charismatic energy. You know when you can hear the smile in someone’s voice and it makes you want to smile? That’s exactly what they’re like. You can hear that they’re really enjoying themselves, and that they’re passionate about their podcast. You’ll be on the edge of laughter the whole episode through! 

Episodes are about 35 to 45 minutes each and feature “dumb” stories as well as “genius” stories such as epic prison breaks. These are perfect for your lunch break or daily commute, or like me, a binge listen on a slow work day! Episodes are uploaded frequently so you won’t be left waiting long if you find yourself all caught up. If you haven’t started yet, I recommend a good marathon. 

Long time, no see!

Hey there, it’s Dani Quinn! This post is about all the podcasts that have kept me company and been amazing for me to have in my ears while multiple areas of my life have transitioned into new, difficult things since last I posted here on PtP! I’m also posting this on my Medium account, where I occasionally post about health, wellness, and my new healthcare career stuff – so this may look a tiny bit familiar if you follow me over there. Anyway, here’s some of the podcasts that have been keeping me company while I sort through all the stuff life has handed me in the last four months:

  1. Last Podcast on the Left: This one is the obvious one, which is why I wanted to get it out of the way. These guys are my go-to whenever shit hits the fan. They have been since 2014. The hosts are still amazing even though this show has blown up in the best of ways and the humour is the kind of stuff I can have in my brain without my thoughts drifting into the “scary dark” despite 90% of the show’s content being of the dark variety.
  2. Bigsofttitty.png: This Australian comedy was introduced to me by my best friend and it was definitely the comedy I needed that day. The two hosts are just loud and talk about random things that don’t always make sense to me, but the recent episode talking about Livejournal had me dying from laughter and getting so many looks from strangers on the street as I walked home from work.
  3. Lore: Aaron Mahnke is easily one of my favourite storytellers. His episode of Lore about Sara Winchester (my fave historical figure) has been on repeat in my brain and ears for ages since its release. Overall, the storytelling is absolutely elegant and I love using each episode like bedtime stories. Related: his new podcast, Aaron Mahnke’s Cabinet of Curiosities, is also lovely and helps me get through my walk to work twice per week!
  4. Parcast Network: So, yeah, this is a network and they’ve easily shot right up to my second fave network. My only complaint is I wish they had more hosts because multiple hosts host the same podcasts and I sometimes get confused on what show I’m listening to! Hahaha, but seriously Parcast has something for everyone and they’re constantly growing and adding shows.
  5. The Story Must Be Told: This podcast gets me in all the good ways. The beautiful storytelling takes me to church with every new episode. Another gem from Last Podcast Network.
  6. Trailer Park Boys Podcast: Yes, our fave trailer park criminals have their own podcast! It’s absolutely hilarious and definitely gets me in a good mood when it’s yet another night when I haven’t gotten any sleep.

Daddy-Less Issues


Hi everyone! It’s Sarah, with another review. I’m so excited to say that reviewing for Promote the Podcasts is helping me to discover so many brilliant podcasts I might not otherwise have found. The one I am about to tell you about is one of those. I hope you’ll give it a shot, as well! 

Daddy-Less Issues is hosted by Chanel and Amber, two female comedians who happen to be orphans. Daddy-Less Issues discusses what is still a somewhat taboo or uncomfortable topic for a lot of people, growing up without one or both parents. 

This podcast is best started at episode one, where the hosts introduce themselves and tell their stories. They speak so honestly with each other, and you can feel the connection between these women. A lot of the material is pretty heavy, because living as an orphan is a pretty heavy deal. Both of my parents grew up without fathers, my Dad lost his father at 3 and my mother at about 11, and while it doesn’t define who they are, it is a BIG part of who they are and how they grew into the people they are today. This is something that the hosts reiterate throughout the show. Being an orphan doesn’t define you, like in fiction and film, it doesn’t turn you into a villain or a hero, it isn’t your entire life, but it does shape you. 

Chanel and Amber share tales of how they persevered, how they overcame, and how they dealt with their losses. I guarantee you will cry but you will laugh and you absolutely will relate. 

On a more technical side, the sound quality slays from the first episode. How do people manage that?! It took me a few goes to get it right, personally, but these women have it locked down. Their reviews are positive, their reach is vast and the purpose is apparent. 

This is an incredibly important podcast. Whether you’re an orphan, you know an orphan, or you just want to understand other peoples’ experiences and hear some real-life content, you will love this podcast. 

Oh, they also have an ending segment where they speak to their younger selves, or ask guests what they would tell their own younger self. And they talk about their favourite fictional orphans. Harry Potter is one of my favourites, as well, personally. #orphanmagic 

I can’t wait to continue seeing these women thrive and grow throughout the podcast and in life outside of entertainment. 

Keep on keeping on, ladies!

Nightlight: The Black Horror Podcast


Hello, everyone, Sarah here with my very first review! I’m excited to talk about this podcast, so let’s jump right in!

Nightlight: The Black Horror Podcast is hosted by horror writer Tonia Thompson and features horror stories by Black authors.

Right from the first episode, the audio and production value is great. This remains consistent throughout all episodes. Not a hint of crackle or echo to be found, that is unless it’s being used as a sound effect to complement a tale.

The first episode I listened to was focused on the novel Dread Nation by Justina Ireland, a bestselling book set in a combat school and featuring well developed, strong Black female characters. As soon as the episode was over, I immediately searched online for a copy for myself. I’m an avid reader, so I’m always looking for something new.

Each episode beyond the first features interviews with authors as well as beautifully narrated short stories. The narration is energetic and engaging, with the occasional sound effect that just adds to your immersion in the tale. The episodes range from 20 minutes to just over an hour so they are perfect for your morning commute, creeping you out before bed, or helping you get through an otherwise uneventful work day.

As expected, the podcast has received a slew of five star reviews on iTunes! So, in case you’re still debating whether to check out this podcast, you definitely should.

Tonia is active on Twitter and Instagram @NightlightPod, if like me, you enjoy chatting to the creators of the content you enjoy.

All in all, a really great podcast. Consistent, quality, engaging, and important. Be sure to let me know if you check it out!

Graveyard Tales


Graveyard Tales is a podcast by Adam and Matt. The podcast explores a range of topics ranging from Werewolves, to Salem Witch Trials, to Time Travel. This is an ideal podcast for anyone who loves the paranormal and the supernatural with a comedic flair.

The episodes run on average for about 1-1 hour 20 minutes. I find this the perfect amount of time for my morning commute and to ease into my day.

The first episode I listened to was Episode 5 about Haunted Dolls. I’m a huge fan of this subject so it was a really easy episode to get into. Their hatred of dolls for being creepy is something I could easily relate to. They covered a good range of cases on Haunted Dolls, both famous and not so well known, including the infamous Annabelle doll. This was a fantastic episode and was extremely well researched and enjoyable. Their sense of humour is something I find really appealing and in this episode, and their humour about dolls was really great and seriously added to the researched content and discussion. As this was the first episode I listened to, it was certainly one that drew me into listening to the others so if you’re wondering which episode to listen to first, I definitely recommend this one as your introduction to the greatness that is Graveyard Tales.

The second episode I listened to was Episode 16 about Reincarnation. It was a really well done episode with some really interesting cases about people who recalled memories from their past lives. If you’re into that kind of thing or you’re wanting to learn more about it, I definitely recommend this episode because it’s extremely in depth and well researched. As someone on the fence about reincarnation, I also feel more informed about theories and religious beliefs behind reincarnation.

Thirdly, I listened an episode about Vampires (episode 27). I loved this one a lot because vampires are a supernatural being that I’m really fascinated with since I could remember so anytime there’s an episode about vampires, you can guarantee that I’m onto it! They had some fantastic research and examples and their dark humour is something that really drew me into this one, as with all the other episodes they do. I especially liked that they included Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory because these are two people from history considered to be vampires and that I’ve always found intriguing. My favourite part of the episode was the quote, “everybody farts, even vampires”.

Overall, I think Graveyard Tales is fantastic for anyone who enjoys the paranormal, supernatural, and otherworldly. If you enjoy humour alongside your dark topics, this is definitely a podcast you will probably end up bingeing like I have. The variety of topics is also a really great factor as well so it doesn’t feel too repetitive in its subject matter. Overall, their research is great and they’re extremely thorough every episode and everything is so well explained. I absolutely will keep listening to this podcast because it has everything that a creepy spooky gal like me loves.


Bella 🙂 x

Girl In Space

Alright guys, it’s time I rave a little about a podcast I have been obsessed with since the day I discovered episode #1 last September. Do you love space and sci-fi, exploration into the depths of human loneliness, Jurassic Park, and cheese? If so, then PLEASE download episode one of Girl In Space right this second.

Often, what I look for in a podcast is gripping narration that holds my attention in such a way that I can escape mundane everyday life for a bit. Girl In Space absolutely fits this bill. Told in a first person narrative of X, aka the girl in space, the story kicks off with a regular update of everyday life aboard a spaceship, The Cavatica. The recordings are introduced as being regular audio logs from the only living resident of the ship. These audio logs include maintenance of the internal ecosystem, thoughts on X’s own mortality and mental state, arguments between X and the ever malfunctioning and always sassy robot Charlotte, and favorite scenes from the only movie available on board the ship: Jurrasic Park.

Things begin to change for X when a fleet approaches, making unprecedented contact with her own ship. These are the first humans X has spoken to in many years since the death of her parents, and the awkward and stilted interactions are both painful and entirely too relatable. Suddenly, what was simply an audio diary of a lonesome (but not lonely) girl in space shifts to a survival story of sorts; a fight to preserve the life she has always known, as well as maintaining her own sense of self and worth. Discoveries regarding her own past and who she knew as her parents create the kind of heart wrenching suspense and action that can only be delivered through an extraordinary audiodrama.

Creator Sarah Rhea Werner showcases her considerable creative talent through writing and production, and even does voice acting for the main character. The writing is honest, real, and provoking, while still managing to be snarky and comedic, and the production quality is top notch. Sarah’s voice acting is not as theatrical as what you might find in other audiodramas, and this serves the podcast well, making the main character feel sincere, even familiar. When you are listening to this podcast, you feel as though you are in this podcast, fighting and thriving alongside the enigmatic and alluring X. Without giving away any spoilers, it is also important to note that later characters are favorites among fans of the show, and the voice acting from all of them is superb. I personally love the short narration that precedes each episode, giving a glimpse into either the coming episode or mindset of X at that time. Even for those who do not consider themselves to be sci-fi fans, this is a story that crosses boundaries and raises questions about humanity, existence, and cheese-making in space. (As a former cheese monger, I am VERY fascinated by this idea.)

Not only is the podcast a fantastic stand-alone piece, Sarah is a wonderful resource for aspiring writers and podcasters alike and is incredibly proactive when it comes to interacting with her listeners. She is more than willing to answer questions about her own podcasts, help out new podcasters, and entertain any fan theory that comes her way. She is a true gem within the podcasting community, and deserves recognition for everything she has accomplished.

Because this is an audio drama, I would absolutely suggest that new listeners start from episode 1. The story is consecutive, and the quality of production has been solid from the very beginning. Sarah knows how to spin an engaging story into a masterpiece that will have you instantly hooked, and impatiently waiting for each new episode to be released.

[[This review has been written and approved by Caldwell Enterprises.]]