True Crime Garage


First and foremost, I want to extend the most sincere thank you that I can. You have all been so kind, patient, and encouraging. Your support cannot be overstated. 

True Crime Garage is one of the first podcasts I genuinely enjoyed listening to. Nic and Captain have created something that encompasses a perfect balance of humor, quality content, accurate information, all within a format that just works.

The first episode I listened to was Sandy Hook – Part 1. This is a topic that is hard to cover because it is just so heartbreaking and senseless. Somehow Captain and Nic manage to approach it in a way that is informative and respectful to the victims and their families.

My first impression of this podcast was “holy shit”…in the best way possible, of course. I was absolutely amazed at the chemistry between these two, the presentation of information, and how articulate they are while presenting this information.

So let’s break this down, shall we?

True Crime Garage is the perfect podcast for you if you enjoy true crime (duh) & broadening your horizons for your choice of beer. More on the beer in a moment.

One of the first things I look for when it comes to true crime podcasts is information accuracy. Often while listening I will also be researching and reading about the case, just to check the accuracy and to make sure the information is being presented in a cohesive way. I personally feel that to be one of the most important part of discussing true crime cases and bringing light to them.

It is very apparent that Captain and Nic do a great amount of research before presenting these cases, and take care to put the timeline together in a way that follows all the key “players” of the case.

A vast majority of True Crime Garage’s episodes are multi-part episodes. For some people, that could be seen as overkill. However, for cases like these, I find it important. Most episodes are well over an hour long, and having multiple parts ensures that the case will be covered in detail that won’t be rushed. As someone who feels like a lot of important details about cases like these get left out (whether due to laziness or time restraints, I don’t know), it’s refreshing to find a pod that goes into the excruciating details and tries to tie it all together.

To keep things from becoming overbearing – let’s be honest, a lot of these cases are really dark and heavy – Nic and Captain manage to sprinkle in appropriate amounts of humor and quality banter. They do this in a way that is not at the expense of the victims or their families. That is something I respect. I use humor as a way to cope, and as a way to lighten the mood, and it’s nice to listen to someone else do it in an equally respectful way.

Another thing I love about the podcast is the speculation. After laying down a baseline of information, they will start picking out specific points (whether it’s suspects, motivation, witness statements, etc) and speculating on whether or not that’s entirely accurate, and whether or not the arguments for why make sense. They make arguments that are relevant to the situation, that bring up valid points, and really make you think, “huh, what if that is the case? What if it really happened that way?” Anything that makes me stop in my tracks and rethink the situation naturally will get a fair bit of attention from me.

Now, beer. Beer is pretty important (especially here in the south). I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I’ll try anything once, and I must say these guys have a pretty good taste. If even I can compliment it, they must be doing something right. So when they present what they’re drinking, they do a quick rundown about what it is, its flavor, and the brewery’s history as well. Being given new alcohol recommendations is just an added bonus to a really great podcast.

On iTunes, True Crime Garage has 4,241 ratings. Most of these ratings are five stars, and the overall rating for this podcast is 4.5 stars. I’d give them a perfect five stars, if we’re being honest. I love this podcast that much.

You can like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and follow them on Instagram. I also highly recommend you check out their website, where you can find a link to donate to their PayPal and also find recommended reading which, if you are like me and cannot stop devouring books, is a pretty nifty page. True Crime Garage is available on multiple platforms, including Podbean and Stitcher.

I don’t have a single bad thing to say about Nic, Captain, or their podcast. They’re well established, have a great relationship with their listeners, and a great chemistry with each other. Having 4,241 reviews that are mostly five stars proves that they’re clearly doing something right. I could be biased, because like I said, they are one of the original ten podcasts that I really fell in love with. But there’s a reason why I like them so much, so I have to recommend you give them a listen, too.

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My name is Abbie, I live in Alabama, and I'm 22 years old. My life is based around music, writing, and podcasts. I love dogs and sleeping. I have a weak spot in my heart for conspiracies, mysteries, and everything true crime. I spend too much money on makeup and food.

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