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This review is not brought to you by Thinking Sidways. It is instead brought to you by…oh, I dunno…a hot dog in a tutu or something.

I tried, anyway.

Hi again. I’m here to talk about one of my favorites, Thinking Sideways. I’ve been trying to find the best way to describe this podcast, and it’s really hard. TS is incredibly unique in two specific ways: the topics they cover, and the hosts themselves.

Thinking Sideways is a podcast that takes unsolved mysteries – from internet lore to murders – breaks down the background information on that topic, and then speculates on what really happened.

Steve, Devin, and Joe are incredibly interesting. I mean, of course they’re weird – how can you live in this world & keep some semblance of sanity without being weird? But what’s incredibly interesting about them is their chemistry. They genuinely make a great team.

Most of the podcasts I listen to either have only one hosts or just two hosts. But we’ve got a team of three here. Three different senses of humor, three different outlooks, and three (for the most part) different personalities.

I’m one of those people that genuinely enjoy seeing multiple angles and opinions – assuming that the reasoning to back it up is logical. It’s nice to listen to three people discuss some of the more mysterious topics. Typically, if there are only two hosts, you can kind of predict what the outcome will be. Having three hosts means that there could be a third opinion or stance, maybe one that nobody else has considered yet.

It’s almost like having a wild card – you never really know what to expect. Will they lean more towards one opinion over another? Or will they have their own opinion overall?

Another great thing about this podcast is that these three keep things humorous while still being informative and respectful when necessary. You’re gonna get some laughs, but not at the expense of victims or otherwise. There is a fine line between a good sense of humor and just being calloused – these guys have a good sense of humor.

My favorite episode, personally, is the Dyatlov Pass Incident. It was the first Thinking Sideways episode that I listened to, but this goes beyond that. Joe, Devin, and Steve go through and exhaust all the possible scenarios (including a visit from my favorite cryptid, Mr. Chupacabra) before sharing what they believe really happened.

(My other all time favorite episode is the Lost Cosmonauts episode, in case you were curious).

I feel like I’m constantly just counting the days to the next Thinking Sideways episode, because I just cannot get enough. I love when I get that feeling, because not many podcasts capture me like that. This one definitely did.

I feel like one of the most important things a podcast can do is offer a safe space or distraction from someone’s day to day life. My life isn’t terrible by any means, but we all have our struggles – I have a lot of hard days (weeks). I love knowing that I can come home, turn on this podcast, and just escape from the pressure and pain of my reality for a little while. They offer an escape through their podcast, but also through social media.

Thinking Sideways has some of the best listeners. Honestly, these people are so kind and caring, and it’s always encouraging when a podcast can create a family like that. Life happens to all of us but we don’t lose our humor or our curiosity. There’s a sort of camaraderie between all of the listeners, and the hosts as well. It is incredibly encouraging.

Speaking of social media, you can like Thinking Sideways on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and even subscribe to their sub on Reddit. They honestly have their own subreddit. Is that not the most badass thing ever?

They (okay…typically Devin) are very interactive with their followers on each platform, which is also something that I believe is very important. It appears to me that they are very humble, and are incredibly thankful for all of their listeners. You’re gonna feel wanted, and that is one of those things that also really means a lot to me. They’re also constantly taking listeners’ suggestions on topics, which makes for some pretty unique and interesting episodes.

Thinking Sideways has 1,546 ratings on iTunes, the majority of which are five stars. Their overall rating is four stars (but should be, like, seventeen stars). They have a lot of episodes, which makes them perfect for binge-listening. So if you are interested in unsolved mysteries of any kind, this is going to be the podcast for you.

Or, if you just need some good laughs and to be distracted for a while, you can listen to this as well. There’s really not a bad time to listen to Thinking Sideways, honestly.

So, to end the review, just a quick little thank you note from me to the hosts specifically:

Thank you guys for making my days a little better, for getting me to laugh, for giving me a way out of my own head for a little while. Your podcast is one of my go-to’s for when everything else is going wrong. Thank you for working so hard and being so good to your listeners. You’ll never know exactly how big of a positive impact you have on peoples’ lives, but you definitely leave a big one. Thank you guys for being all around just some of the greatest people. Thank you.


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My name is Abbie, I live in Alabama, and I'm 22 years old. My life is based around music, writing, and podcasts. I love dogs and sleeping. I have a weak spot in my heart for conspiracies, mysteries, and everything true crime. I spend too much money on makeup and food.

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