Good Nightmare

good nightmare

Hello friends.

It has been a moment, but here I am. It is so amazing how fast time will pass when you are busy dealing with life, but that is a digression. The purpose of this is to write a quick little mini-review for my dear friend and her podcast, as a way to help her celebrate hitting 1,000 downloads!

So if you can’t tell (???), tonight I’m gonna be talking about Good Nightmare. This pod is pretty special to me, for a multitude of reasons. The first (and most important) – Sarah has effectively become my absolute best friend. I have never met anyone more kind, encouraging, and inspiring.

Another reason, however, is because of the topics that Sarah discusses. It is an array of fact and fiction, the strange to the macabre. From Lizzie Borden to Marie Laveau to the origins of The Little Mermaid, there really is something here for everybody.

What I love about each episode (aside from Sarah’s fabulous Aussie accent – I mean, it’s heavenly), is how detailed Sarah manages to be in under fifteen minutes. My commute to work, depending on which job, ranges from ten to fifteen minutes. I generally prefer pods with longer episodes, but it is incredibly refreshing to be able to listen to an entire episode on my way to or from work – sometimes it can be really hard to pause in the middle of an episode after getting to work, and then having to remember the details when I press play again.

Sarah also has an incredibly soothing voice, so it isn’t uncommon for me to queue all the episodes and just listen until I fall asleep. I am one of those weird people that has to have background noise to fall asleep, and this pod is low-stakes enough that I can relax while still remaining engaged. That’s important to me.

But podcast aside (although it is incredibly amazing and I am so proud of her!!!!), Sarah is just genuinely a wonderful person. She is friendly, funny, and incredibly lovely. I am just so thankful that I have gotten to be here since episode one, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

(As of 10:11pm, the time of writing this, Sarah’s pod just hit 1,000 downloads. I am so proud of her!)

You can find Good Nightmare just about anywhere you can find podcasts (there are only two or three places I haven’t checked. You can also follow the podcast account on Twitter. She is so kind, and she’s very interactive with anyone that reaches out to her, so send her a tweet or a DM.

Sarah, sweet pea, I’m so proud of you! I told you that you could do it. ❤

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My name is Abbie, I live in Alabama, and I'm 22 years old. My life is based around music, writing, and podcasts. I love dogs and sleeping. I have a weak spot in my heart for conspiracies, mysteries, and everything true crime. I spend too much money on makeup and food.

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