Hello friends!

I’m going to cut straight to it, because this is a podcast I love so much and I believe it deserves so much love & attention!

Today, I’m going to share a quick write-up about Creepsville, a podcast hosted by my dear friend Bella. Creepsville is a podcast that focuses on urban legends, murders, and the paranormal, originating from her home country of Australia as well as throughout the world.

At the current moment, there are eight episodes of Creepsville – the topics range from haunted Brisbane to exorcisms to The Slit Mouth Woman. All spectacularly spooky episodes paired with Bella’s incredibly soothing voice.

Similar to Good Nightmare, Creepsville is a great podcast to listen to when I’m driving to and from work, as well as when I’m home and trying to relax. Bella has a way of delivering some rather creepy information in an accurate but calming way. And honestly, anything that’s spooky automatically has my whole heart.

Bella is really good about staying active and interactive with her listeners, both on her personal Twitter as well as her pod Twitter, and through other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

I love listening to a podcast that is so eccentric, especially one hosted by somebody that is so charismatic. Bella puts in so much effort to researching, recording, and editing. She is so talented, especially for such a new podcast. Each episode is an improvement from the last, even though they’re all still so good.

Bella herself is such a kind-hearted and hilarious human. I absolutely adore her, she genuinely is a beautiful soul. She is so friendly, as well. There really isn’t anybody in the world quite like Bella.

At the moment, Creepsville has 11 reviews on iTunes that equates to three stars. I personally give it five out of five, because I just love and adore it so much! You can find Creepsville on iTunes and most other podcasting platforms, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Bella, sweet pea, please never change! You are such an amazing podcast host, a wonderful friend, and just all around a lovely human. Thank you for all that you do and all that you contribute to the podcasting community! I love you dearly!


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My name is Abbie, I live in Alabama, and I'm 22 years old. My life is based around music, writing, and podcasts. I love dogs and sleeping. I have a weak spot in my heart for conspiracies, mysteries, and everything true crime. I spend too much money on makeup and food.

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