Thinking Sideways Podcast – Zimbellina

Thinking Sideways Podcast

5/5 stars


Thinking Sideways mostly deals with weird and mysterious happenings. The hosts cover a wide range of stories, history and mysteries. They go through the story in chronological order which helps with complicated stories. They have smart insights into intents and motives, such as when talking about killers. The three hosts have a great chemistry together and never talk over each other which is great. This means there isn’t a chaotic feel to the pod which can happen when you have a higher number of hosts. Going through the theories shows these hosts intelligence. They go through theories and posit different ideas, which I really enjoyed. They obviously do a lot of research and know a lot about a wide range of topics which makes the debates and conversations very fulfilling and full of facts.

Standout episode – The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe. I’ve been into Poe since I was young so this was a favourite of mine. I’ve never looked into his death in much detail but I’ve heard rumours of it over time. Learning about it properly was good, even though there’s still mystery surrounding Poe’s death. The records are sketchy so there’s a lot of mystery and speculation around Poe’s death. He didn’t die in the gutter drunk though which is what I thought happened before. The story was changed a few times but you’ll have to listen to the episode to know what the stories are! They also go into his life so it was a really well rounded, well researched episode.

I really appreciate the way the stories are all told in the same way, in a sequence that stays the same. It’s an interesting and easy way to listen, it gives you all the history you need and then goes on to the theories and everything else. The hosts give well thought out answers to questions and have done their research. And they’ve been going since 2013 so there is an immense back log that I’ll be making my way through as quickly as I can. 5 big ass stars! Great mystery and weird happenings pod!

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