The Blood Crow Stories Review – Zimbellina


The Blood Crow Stories

SS Utopia

Max, a college student doing a history thesis on Dr Wiseman and the SS Utopia, a cruise ship which could become a submarine. So he’s doing a podcast which combines his notes and the recordings from the ship. He says something is happening on the tapes which shows something intriguing and maybe even dangerous which is perplexing and troubling him. Which is why he makes the podcast. 

The ship hired Dr Harold Wiseman to do a study on the inhabitants of the ship to see if they got any signs of going ‘stir crazy’ or getting cabin fever. He asks a range of people to record their interactions and thoughts on tapes which Max plays for the listener and talks about in his thesis. The SS Utopia project was shut down after the ship sank but the recordings were luckily in a safe so they were kept usable. 

6 recorders were handed out on the first week of the study. Each person is tasked with recording their thoughts and to report about their life on the ship and Dr Wiseman wants to see how the psyche is affected by living on the ship. The first is handed to Tommy, who is married to Mary and rich. Penny is the next to be given a recorder, she’s on the ship without her husband because he wanted to stay on land in case he was wanted for the war. Number 3 goes to a stowaway, one of the builders of the ship. Then Fiona the artist comes in and Leo who farms on the ship, which provides the fresh food for the ship. Lastly is Nora who wants to share the life of a poor/middle class perspective. 

Max feels these recordings which are like diaries for public consumption much like social media now. He wants to share this strange mystery he hears as he keeps going through the tapes. The mystery leads him down a dangerous path. 

The sound production is excellent, with the tapes sounding thoroughly authentic to the period of time it was meant to be recorded in. The story moves at a good pace and is very interesting and intriguing. It’s fun to follow the ships passengers as well as the other mystery of the recordings. 


The second season is a totally different story, a western story told through the eyes of a men and women who are out in the west and they go on a journey to various towns trying to solve a true crime mystery. They’re in the middle of this story and I highly recommend is although I did like season 1 a bit more. But it’s still an interesting story which brings in new, intriguing characters and shows that the producers and writers of this audio drama know what they’re doing even across genres. 

This audio drama is definitely recommended to anyone who likes twisty stories with interesting plot lines and strange happenings. It’s one of my favourites. 

5/5 sunken stars 

One thought on “The Blood Crow Stories Review – Zimbellina

  1. Thank you so very much for your kind words! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying it! I hope we continue to entertain you for many more seasons 🙂


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