Empty Review – Zimbellina


Empty is a sci fi audio drama which starts off with a few audio diaries of various staff of astronauts. They are working on colonising a totally new galaxy. The universe is too crowded so they’re opening up the options to outside the galaxy. Our ship is coming after some colonising ships have already been sent so this ship is not the first. 

We go through a few different peoples diaries about readying the ship for landing outside the galaxy. It’s a slow intro into the main meat of the story. It builds up slowly, teasing different aspects of the show to come. Each audio diary is only about 2 minutes long, and there are 6 of these. The last being the log of a robot which is an interesting look at what goes on in a robot’s brain. This is a good way to give the listener a piece of what the meat of the audio drama is about. It’s interesting, I guess it’s like previews or teasers but done in an new and fresh way. 

After these the show starts with a two parter, with the astronauts coming out of cryosleep. They all have no memories of themselves and slowly discover things about themselves and each other. The narrative jumps from person to person as they learn more about themselves. 

The unfolding of the story is intriguing and keeps you invested in the characters and story line. The audio is perfect and the voice actors are great. You get totally invested in the story quickly and there are mysteries to be solved from the very beginning. The sound effects are excellent as well, very realistic. I think the robot is my favourite character. He calls the others ‘meat’ and tries to kill people yet can’t because of his directives so asks one of the crew members “Will you kill yourself for me?” Bwhahaha. Love it. 

Something has obviously happened to the ship as robots have been destroyed, files are missing and there was some kind of fire. This leads to a discovery that the universe they’re heading into is empty. It was meant to have been colonised before they got there. 

I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in this world. The world building is excellent and gives just enough information to leave you wanting more. Can’t get enough of this audio drama. So far they’ve released probably half of the first season I assume so there’s lots more to be discovered! But enough already to get a good binge going. 

5/5 lonely stars 

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