Two Doods Reviews

Two Doods Reviews is a podcast by Jave and Andy and started in January 2018. They met due to a mutual love of home brewing and brewed together under the name, “Punch Drunk Brewing”. Additionally, both of them have a mutual interest in music, Jave having a long career within the radio station industry, and Andy being a musician.


Their podcast topics revolve around the topics such as beer, spirits, music, and cigars. Episode length is normally around 20-30 minutes, however interviews are generally longer and average about 45 minutes. Both Jave and Andy have a fantastic energy and their casual banter, joking attitude, and their enthusiasm for the topics is something I really like about this podcast and really drew me in every episode.


The first episodes listened to where some of the Top 5 “Week in Review” episodes. In these episodes, they have Jave’s partner Allison on the show, in addition to their friend Jill, which is something I quite like and they are quite humorous and add a lot to the conversation. Some of the topics included, The Superbowl, The man who invented Space Mountain, and in another episode they talked about a guy who passed a lie detector test about going back in time from the year 2030 and he had allegedly told people what life was going to be like in the future. I like these episodes because it’s all a bit mixed in terms of discussion and it covers interesting topics and current events that I may not otherwise be aware of.


The second episode I listened to was their interview with WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho, about his band Fozzy and his new album, “Judas”. Admittedly, I am not super familiar with Chris as I don’t watch wrestling, his music career. However I really enjoyed this episode because the interview was a thorough and really interesting insight into Chris’s band and the new album. They played through each track and talked through each song with Chris, each time discussing the meanings behind the titles and lyrics, as well as the stylistic choices behind the tracks. Jave and Andy are generally just so passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the rock genre and it really adds to this episode and analyzing the elements that are in the album. If you’re a fan of rock music, or a fan of Chris Jericho, I really recommend this episode.


The final episode I listened to was the Virginia City, Nevada Bloody Mary Tour. As a fan of spirits and cocktails, I just had to listen to this one. This tour is based on a tri-pub tour based in Virginia City. It is a fun episode because you not only get to go along for the ride as the guys go and try out the different Bloody Mary’s on their barhopping adventure, but you also get tastes of historical insights about the establishments and their historical backgrounds, as well as about Virginia City and its mining history.


All in all, I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is specifically into beer, spirits, rock music, and cigars. I think it’s funny and well done and they have done a great job on this podcast. They also do YouTube reviews and it can be found on their channel.



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