Happy Never After podcast host does bicycle ride for a cause..

Mara Marek and the Bike, Laugh, Heal tour

Hello fellow podcast lovers! I have something different this time for you. Instead of reviewing a podcast we here are promoting a cause that is special to a podcaster! Mara Marek the host of Happy Never After is doing a charity bike ride. This charity bicycle ride is for domestic violence, something we can all work to help prevent and help those who need it.

The interview is below….

1. Domestic Violence is such a good cause..how did you choose it?

I was a victim myself, and once I shared my story and had others share their stories on my podcast, listeners started sharing their own stories and I soon realized it was an insane epidemic, that wasn’t really getting the spotlight it deserved.

2.  I see Mara trained in California for this?  Did you have to do more training?

I trained in California to be a competitive athlete.  I trained in NYC for this ride.  I worked with a personal trainer, even though I am one, 6 days a week, as well as rode my own bike everywhere…I wouldn’t allow myself to take the train anywhere…It sometimes got awkward in the rain

3. We will be linking your page with ours, is there anything you want our readers to know?

That we will have a documentary coming out, we are posting in real time on our pages, and if they want to share their own story of survival, we would welcome them to reach out to us at any time!

4. According to your downloadable page for donations: there are several levels from 1,000-50,000 dollars..and you have a gofundme page is there anything else the readers and fellow podcasters can do to help?

ANY donation will help. the initial goal is $1 Mil, and we would take that GRATEFULLY in 1 Million donations of a dollar if thats how it came in!!

5. How is it going so far?

It has been hot. And Pennsylvania is not flat.  And my legs feel like I’m pedaling through mud, but everyone that has put us up or come to the shows or shared a meal with us has shown us such kindness…It’s been amazing.

6. Tell me about the stand up shows?

connecting with the other comics and hearing why they also wanted to be involved in this cause has been such a wonderful gift.  Some have even said that it has given them purpose…but in reality…they have given this mission life.  Also, everyone has been fricking hysterical, so that’s helped!

How amazing is Mara and her heart? I can say one of the first things I learned about podcast hosts and their listeners are how generous and giving y’all are. If you would like to support this talented lady and her cause.

donate: http://bikelaughheal.org
personal blog: https://www.maramarek.com/blog
Podcast: Happy Never After

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