The Amelia Project



The Amelia Project is an epic and unusual audio drama. The Amelia Project team offer a very strange service: helping people fake their own deaths. Clients range from “cult leaders, politicians and celebrities”, all desperate to start over.


As this is a serial podcast, you absolutely should start at episode one, “Elizabeth Barlow”.


The characters you come across are absolutely charming in their strangeness and odd requests. I’m sure we have all thought about how we would go about faking our own deaths at some point… wait, you haven’t? Never mind. Well, this podcast may give you some absolutely out-there ideas. Though, of course, we at Promote the Podcasts advise against it. Mostly.


Episodes range from a few minutes to around 20 minutes. They may be short and snappy, but they are absolutely packed with entertainment and you definitely won’t find yourself burnt out or distracted. It “reads” kind of like an old timey detective film, set in the 2000s. The accents, the characters, the narration! It all comes together to create something absolutely wonderful.


You probably could have guessed, but this podcast has an absolute bucket-load of 5 star reviews, most claiming that the podcast is well balanced in its story, humour and engagement. I whole-heartedly agree.


Best consumed with a cup of cocoa by a roaring fire!


If you want to catch up with the hosts, they are active on Twitter at The Amelia Project.


How would I choose to disappear? An accident at sea, where I get eaten by a megalodon and only my shoes wash up.


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I'm a podcaster who runs Good Nightmare. I absolutely LOVE indie podcasts and seeing people succeed! I write for & on my blog you can find the transcripts for my episodes!

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