Bloody Murder



Bloody Murder, as you can probably tell from the name, is a true crime podcast. What you may not know if you haven’t yet listened, is how brilliant they are.


Tara and Barney bring you lesser known cases from Australia and around the world in episodes around an hour each. The production value is fantastic and the introduction music and clips draw you right in, setting a great and chilling atmosphere before Tara and Barney pop in to bring you all the deets. This is a comedy true crime podcast which pokes fun at the stranger aspects of cases, while always maintaining respect for the victims and their families’.


Bloody Murder have already racked up well over 6,000 fans so if you’re in two minds about whether to listen, that should tell you enough! They are also finalists for the Best Comedy and Popular Vote awards in the Australian Podcast Awards. Congrats guys!


They have a massive amount of five-star reviews, well earned, and just released their 97th episode. That’s right. NINETY-SEVEN EPISODES. You will not be left wanting for content with this lot! If you enjoy marathoning podcasts at work, they’ve got your whole week covered.


Have a listen and let us know what you think, I’m personally loving it. The weird and unheard of cases mixed with some light humour means that it’s not too overwhelming to listen to and easy listening while you’re working, relaxing or if you need a pick me up.


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I'm a podcaster who runs Good Nightmare. I absolutely LOVE indie podcasts and seeing people succeed! I write for & on my blog you can find the transcripts for my episodes!

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