Miles and Crawford Variety Hour

Hey guys, Ren here with a podcast review.

I am in love with this podcast! Two amazing women run this podcast. Miles and Crawford take on the topics that many people do not talk about. They use language, terms and words that are needed. They pull no punches. Miles and Crawford have their opinions and share them openly. They have viewpoints they can and do defend.

As a woman, I found this podcast refreshing. Our hostesses tackle everything from women specific medical issues, ICE and politics. They handle these topics with candor and a bit of a comedy (when appropriate). They don’t insult the audience, but they will call people out on there bs.

Onto the episodes I listened to (though I listened to more but picked these)

The first one I listened to and fell in love with was the episode where Miles interviews Rachel Miller. Now, excuse me but this episode changed my life. The ladies discussed many things close to my heart among them domestic violence and being a mom. I laughed with them, nodded a lot and even teared up as these women talked about their lives and past.

How did they change your life? They both talked about how working with and managing teens is a responsibility and not awful. I have a job where I am working with teens more and more, I suffer with the relating to them. I adore kids of all ages, but teens are a whole other species. When they talked of teaching them about respect, time management and taking the time to be there for them it clicked. My favorite book is “On Becoming a Person” by Carl Rogers and he tells us to meet people where they are and that was my motto. I forgot that until these ladies reminded me. Thank YOU!

They talk politics in one podcast and I learned to see things from more angles and to listen. I won’t get into that in this review because I want you to listen and to learn too. Their discussion shows respects and that we as women are complicated beautiful people. The talk about #metoo #timesup and #himtoo had me thinking about my views and positions for a few days. I love when that happens.

This podcast isn’t just doom and gloom. I hope I didn’t make it seem that way. I had quite a few huge laughs about cats, kids and drinking. Listening to Miles and Crawford is a bit like sitting down with your best girlfriends and talking about anything and everything in a non-judgement zone. Go listen!

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