The Sisters Grimm



The Sisters Grimm is hosted by Holly and Morgan who look at true crime, horror and all things creepy. 


The intro music draws you in from the get-go, featuring clips from court cases and horror films that are recognisable to any true crime enthusiast or horror fan. It sets the mood for the podcast as a whole.


Morgan and Holly have surprisingly soothing voices which takes the edge off some of the more gory details from films and crime cases, and makes for really easy listening! They have over 50 episodes available which run from an hour to an hour and a half each, so you will be hard pressed to run out before they bring you more. This is a very easy podcast to binge, listen to while you work or on your commute.


The presentation is candid, humourous, but focused. The hosts don’t go on long and winding tangents, but speak freely about the topics at hand while making sure to include as much detail as possible. This gives the show a really friendly vibe in the sense that you feel like you’re right there with them, chatting about some of your favourite things.


Speaking of favourites, the first episode I listened to was on the SAW movies. These films never get old for me, I tend to marathon them every couple of years. It’s the puzzles that are appealing, not the violence, I swear. Maybe. It could be both! Holly and Morgan talked through all the traps and the convoluted timeline for each of the films, from the very beginning to the end. Did you know that some of the films were supposed to have events happening concurrently? No? Me, neither! They talk about what they would have tried in order to escape the traps, how the story-line got all the more ridiculous as the films progressed and some traps the SAW community have come up with on forums.


I’d recommend starting your listening journey with an episode that piques your interest, grab a topic that speaks to you and dive in! Alternatively, Listen from start to finish to watch the podcast’s and hosts’ growth!


This is one more review to add to the many five-star ratings and reviews the show already has, all very well deserved. Looking forward to working my way through all the current episodes!


Have you listened? Let us know where you started!





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I'm a podcaster who runs Good Nightmare. I absolutely LOVE indie podcasts and seeing people succeed! I write for & on my blog you can find the transcripts for my episodes!

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