Assignment: Top Ten Podcasts (Part I)

We were given this assignment a long time ago. I have issues with commitment, so picking ten was HARD. I mean seriously, it is like picking the cutest puppy or something. How can I pick? I have done my best. These are in no particular order though the have a number assigned only for keeping track of the amount.

Stop and Fangirl. This is the second podcast I ever listened to (the first being Serial). I started listening because my sister from another Mister, Lyra, is one of the hosts. I was a newbie to the podcast genre, but now, like most, I am addicted.

Stop and Fangirl is all about all things fangirl. Marvel Movies! DCTV! Shows and movies fangirls love and love to get excited about. The ladies 3L I call them, in my head, with love are no holds barred when it comes to opinions both good and bad. Even fanboys should listen.

2. Small Town Murder/ Crime in Sports. These two lovable bastards have two of the best podcasts out there. I started listening to this one because they did a CiS based on someone I knew and a STM about a crime two towns over from me.

James and Jimmie are comedians who mix humor and crime. As they say, you don’t have to know sports to enjoy CiS and that is true. I know very little about most sports, but can laugh along with the guys. I never realized there was so much crime in sports or so many athletes who work hard then toss it all away. STM shows real life crime, in real life small towns. I can assure you there is some of the best, if not, the best research going into these episodes.

Disclaimer: They give you one…true crime and comedy? If it isn’t your cup of tea…move along. (Try it, you may like it!)

3. Corpus Delicti. I love these ladies. This podcast is like hanging with your friends and talking about murder without them thinking you’re weird! They make you laugh, cry, cheer and get angry sometimes at the same time.

They research their topics and do not talk down to the listeners. We’ve all listened to podcasts that do that! The ladies also do series like True Crime Theater (true crime movies) which allows you to then go and watch the movie!

4.The History Chicks. This podcast teaches what we should have learned in school, but maybe didn’t or we missed that day or more than likely got a sugar coated version of it.

If you like to learn things and love history? Listen to this podcast. They cover everything from Barbie (Yes, the doll) to Harriet Tubman to Coco Chanel. You can learn on lot from these ladies.

5. Cults by the Parcast Network. I can say I listen to almost everything by Parcast. I love them all, but Cults holds a special place in my heart.

Cults takes us into the best known Cults and some of the lesser known ones too. We learn how they began, what made them a cult and how they usually end. If you are fascinated by Cults you will love this podcast and the hosts. If you are only mildly interested? I think they can get you hooked.

That concludes part 1 of my Favorite Podcasts. Next week, part 2 before I return with my podcast reviews.

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