Top Ten Part II

Top Ten part 2

Here is the second part to my two part series of favorite podcasts. I have so enjoyed finding new podcasts and learning so much from so many people. The podcast community is the best! These are in no particular order.

American Hysteria. This podcast is about the things that make we Americans freak out. Though we claim to be “home of the brave” we are easily spooked. What? Oh, yes my friend, we are easily thrown into hysterics. Some of the topics: Halloween candy. Do not eat it until your parents check it! How many of us heard the story of razor blades in apples? Another great one? Germs! Tune into this fairly new podcast.

Confronting O.J. Simpson. I just wrote of hysterics and this saga has had us all transfixed for over two decades. This time we hear from Kim Goldman. Full disclosure: I have read all the books I can find on this topic including the one by the Goldman Family and Kim Goldman’s own book. This is an excellent new look at the Crime of the Century.

Survival. This is another Parcast Podcast, this time dealing with people who have survived things that seemed determined to kill them. My favorite was the volcano one. Surviving a volcano? I have a healthy fear of fire and nature. Not all of them are nature vs. man but they all have the listener on the edge of their seats.

Adulting. How do you fold a fitted sheet? What is the correct tip? All this and more is discussed on Adulting. The stars tackle these questions and so much more along with guest stars that keep you laughing. Adulting isn’t easy, but this podcast lets us know we are in this together.

Trashy Divorces As the title tells you this is about divorces that get trashy. What does trashy mean? The happy divorces like Prince Andrew (current issues aside) and Sarah Ferguson or Cher and Bono. They have country stars, crazy stars (looking at you Cruise) and everything in between. The podcast titles alone have you laughing.

There you have it! My top ten podcasts. Hit me up here or on twitter and tell me your favorite podcasts. Sharing is Caring!

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