A special Thanksgiving post….


In America, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. I won’t go into how white people treated the Native People or how we still don’t treat them well. This is a podcast blog so I will post about a podcast we all need in our lives especially as nationalism seems to be growing here and around the world.

Immigrantly is a new discovery for me in the podcast world. The hostess of the podcast is Saadia Khan, an immigrant to The United States of America and she shares her views of being an immigrant. The podcast was formerly called “Alien Chronicles” so if you think you listened before but that wasn’t the name, you are not going insane. The name was changed.

The first thing I noticed upon listening is that she does her best to be upbeat and show there is good, (Note: I have not listened to all of them, but can assume based on what I have listened to that she is human and may not always be upbeat about this country. Who is?) in this world and in America. There is also good in whatever country, region or religion being discussed that day. I think we often lose sight of there being good even in the worst circumstances..

Ms. Khan has guests who are also immigrants and share their stories. Some highlights were for me: having an Italian American on her show. A quick discussion on accents and living in America. Discussing foods from other countries is always a favorite for me and discussing how people are living their lives, making a living and making changes in the world. The listener gets to learn so much and be enlightened on a broad range of topics!

Right now, more than ever I feel this podcast is necessary. There is so much hate and “otherism” going on and this podcast helps to see how deep down we are all the same. No matter where are roots are we all (minus Native Americans) immigrants or descended from them. It has always been hard to be an immigrant in America, but this podcast shows that what makes America truly great is our diversity and all the things we can learn from one another and about one another if only we take the time. So take the time….

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours.

@immigrantlypodcast (twitter)

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