The Sisters Grimm



The Sisters Grimm is hosted by Holly and Morgan who look at true crime, horror and all things creepy. 


The intro music draws you in from the get-go, featuring clips from court cases and horror films that are recognisable to any true crime enthusiast or horror fan. It sets the mood for the podcast as a whole.


Morgan and Holly have surprisingly soothing voices which takes the edge off some of the more gory details from films and crime cases, and makes for really easy listening! They have over 50 episodes available which run from an hour to an hour and a half each, so you will be hard pressed to run out before they bring you more. This is a very easy podcast to binge, listen to while you work or on your commute.


The presentation is candid, humourous, but focused. The hosts don’t go on long and winding tangents, but speak freely about the topics at hand while making sure to include as much detail as possible. This gives the show a really friendly vibe in the sense that you feel like you’re right there with them, chatting about some of your favourite things.


Speaking of favourites, the first episode I listened to was on the SAW movies. These films never get old for me, I tend to marathon them every couple of years. It’s the puzzles that are appealing, not the violence, I swear. Maybe. It could be both! Holly and Morgan talked through all the traps and the convoluted timeline for each of the films, from the very beginning to the end. Did you know that some of the films were supposed to have events happening concurrently? No? Me, neither! They talk about what they would have tried in order to escape the traps, how the story-line got all the more ridiculous as the films progressed and some traps the SAW community have come up with on forums.


I’d recommend starting your listening journey with an episode that piques your interest, grab a topic that speaks to you and dive in! Alternatively, Listen from start to finish to watch the podcast’s and hosts’ growth!


This is one more review to add to the many five-star ratings and reviews the show already has, all very well deserved. Looking forward to working my way through all the current episodes!


Have you listened? Let us know where you started!





Bloody Murder



Bloody Murder, as you can probably tell from the name, is a true crime podcast. What you may not know if you haven’t yet listened, is how brilliant they are.


Tara and Barney bring you lesser known cases from Australia and around the world in episodes around an hour each. The production value is fantastic and the introduction music and clips draw you right in, setting a great and chilling atmosphere before Tara and Barney pop in to bring you all the deets. This is a comedy true crime podcast which pokes fun at the stranger aspects of cases, while always maintaining respect for the victims and their families’.


Bloody Murder have already racked up well over 6,000 fans so if you’re in two minds about whether to listen, that should tell you enough! They are also finalists for the Best Comedy and Popular Vote awards in the Australian Podcast Awards. Congrats guys!


They have a massive amount of five-star reviews, well earned, and just released their 97th episode. That’s right. NINETY-SEVEN EPISODES. You will not be left wanting for content with this lot! If you enjoy marathoning podcasts at work, they’ve got your whole week covered.


Have a listen and let us know what you think, I’m personally loving it. The weird and unheard of cases mixed with some light humour means that it’s not too overwhelming to listen to and easy listening while you’re working, relaxing or if you need a pick me up.


Twitter / Bloody Murder

Yikes! The Podcast


Yikes! The Podcast is a weekly podcast that talks about “failure in every possible category”. From weird Tinder profiles, to the absolute asshat that was Elliot Rodger.


Maddy has a super sweet, upbeat, honest and candid disposition which immediately captures the listeners heart. Maddy is active on Twitter at @Yikes_podcast and is very easy to talk to/get along with if you consider reaching out after listening!


My personal favourite episodes, as a true crime buff, were the five installments on Elliot Rodger, the ultimate failure. Now, if you do enjoy true crime, you’ve likely heard about the atrocities he committed but they are only the END of his story. Maddy reads and breaks down Elliot’s massive manifesto to  try to pinpoint the exact moment he became who he was. You get the entire “before” story. It’s definitely much more digestible in podcast form.


Every single one of us can relate to experiencing failure or slip ups or set backs. Yikes! Shows you that not only is failure absolutely okay, it is possible to overcome it and let it help you grow. You know, unless like Elliot, you choose not to learn.


If you’re looking for a lighter topic, I really enjoyed the Tinder Edition, where we get to swipe left and right with Maddy as she goes through profiles of both gorgeous, intelligent women, and men looking for extramarital affairs, as well as people who have weirdly cropped profile photos. When I say weird, I mean weird. How much can YOU tell about a man from a picture of his ear?


Maddy also includes songs at the ends of her episodes which are so unique and beautifully sung by her. They’re a good comfort and pick-me-up after some challenging but entertaining topics.


Episodes are each about 20 minutes, so they’re the sweet spot for not-too-long-not-too-short. Great for a ride to work, waiting at the doctors or whenever you get the urge to listen!


I definitely recommend giving Yikes! a listen the next time you’re looking for something new.


People Are Wild


How and where do I even start?


People Are Wild is a podcast hosted by Kim, a traveling ER nurse with a hell of a lot of stories to tell. You’d be surprised (or maybe not?) what people get stuck where.


People Are Wild goes from 0-10 in a minute. You laugh and cringe through some episodes, others you find yourself taking notes on what NOT to do when you get bitten by a snake (I.e. don’t bring it into the ER with you!), and next thing you know, you’re in tears, feeling all the feels and pretending you just have really bad allergies to… your stapler… because you’re at work and you were not prepared.


Kim is incredibly well spoken, kind, charming (in the non-serial killer way), funny and intelligent. You’ll find it hard not to binge listen to multiple episodes in a day which would seem overwhelming given some of the topics but, honestly, it’s so engrossing that you won’t want to stop.


As you can expect, Kim has a bunch of five star ratings, and from what I can tell her listeners are from all walks of life. ER nurses, true crime fans, people looking to educate themselves, and others looking to be entertained. Whatever your desire, you’ll likely have it filled by this podcast.


Episodes are usually 30 minutes to around an hour long, so you’re set for your daily commute or a long work day.


Kim is active on Twitter at @peoplearewild and she just got back from Burning Man, so I’m hoping for some war stories to come! She is very interactive on Twitter and always has good advice or a quirky tale so I recommend both subscribing to the podcast and following her Twitter.


Comment below with your wildest ER tales or your favourite episode!


The Amelia Project



The Amelia Project is an epic and unusual audio drama. The Amelia Project team offer a very strange service: helping people fake their own deaths. Clients range from “cult leaders, politicians and celebrities”, all desperate to start over.


As this is a serial podcast, you absolutely should start at episode one, “Elizabeth Barlow”.


The characters you come across are absolutely charming in their strangeness and odd requests. I’m sure we have all thought about how we would go about faking our own deaths at some point… wait, you haven’t? Never mind. Well, this podcast may give you some absolutely out-there ideas. Though, of course, we at Promote the Podcasts advise against it. Mostly.


Episodes range from a few minutes to around 20 minutes. They may be short and snappy, but they are absolutely packed with entertainment and you definitely won’t find yourself burnt out or distracted. It “reads” kind of like an old timey detective film, set in the 2000s. The accents, the characters, the narration! It all comes together to create something absolutely wonderful.


You probably could have guessed, but this podcast has an absolute bucket-load of 5 star reviews, most claiming that the podcast is well balanced in its story, humour and engagement. I whole-heartedly agree.


Best consumed with a cup of cocoa by a roaring fire!


If you want to catch up with the hosts, they are active on Twitter at The Amelia Project.


How would I choose to disappear? An accident at sea, where I get eaten by a megalodon and only my shoes wash up.


Nothing Rhymes with Murder



Nothing Rhymes with Murder is one of the first women-run podcasts I ever listened to, well before I ever had a podcast of my own. Kate and Georgie are so absolutely charming, intelligent, well spoken, funny and quirky. Their podcast takes you to a different country every episode where they explore both notorious and lesser known crimes. Each episode is topped up with Hot Spots! Places worth knowing or visiting if you get the chance to visit the featured country, that is if you’re not too creeped out by the various murders.


Every episode is about 40m to just over an hour, with some spanning almost 2 hours. Perfect for getting through a work day, or like me, laying out in the sun and listening just to relax and enjoy some down time. There are already 40 episodes to choose from, and these ladies show no sign of slowing down! Or stopping, ever, please never stop podcasting!


Their podcast is quite candid and relaxed, though still follows a steady structure. First, you get to catch up with the ladies and what they’ve been up to, and then you dive into some seriously spooky stuff.


I’d recommend listening to the latest episodes and working backwards so you can keep up to date, or finding your country and listening in! If you can’t choose? Episode 10 – THE WORLD covers just about everything from everywhere and features some wicked guests! If you’re a fellow Aussie, you’ll want to check out Episode 6 – Australia: The Backpacker Killer & The Case of Katherine Knight. Both crimes are absolutely brutal, so be cautious!


If you want to get in touch with Georgie and Kate, they’re generally quite active on Twitter, very approachable and above that, kind and generous with their time.


And before I go, I think it’s absolutely necessary to mention that these STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, BAD-ASS WOMEN also recently organise a raffle to support the End the Backlog movement. Hell yes!


So, if you enjoy a mix of candid chatter and true crime, be sure check them out!


Dumb and Busted


Hello, again, Sarah here with another review! 

I’ve been looking forward to writing this review because listening to the podcast was just as fun as writing about it will be! 

Dumb and Busted tells stories of “insane stupidity and exceptional genius”. A laugh was exactly what I needed today and these hosts absolutely delivered. From the cute recorder playing intro to the crazy stories, it’s kept me smiling for hours. I don’t do things by half so when I find a podcast I enjoy, I shamelessly binge listen. 

I’m definitely not the only one who enjoys this show, there are SO many five star reviews that are gonna tell you exactly what I am – that if you like a little morbid humour, you should be listening to Dumb and Busted. 

The first episode I listened to featured a man who blew himself up with fireworks, and a mortar shell?! WHILE he was looking directly into his set up to see if it would work?! To be honest, clumsy and ridiculous as I am, I can see me going out in some really odd way. “ 

Here lies Sarah, she slipped on a grape in the kitchen, grabbed a towel to try to break her fall, which had a crock pot resting on it that fell off the bench and knocked her out.” 

Allyson and Hannah have this really great and charismatic energy. You know when you can hear the smile in someone’s voice and it makes you want to smile? That’s exactly what they’re like. You can hear that they’re really enjoying themselves, and that they’re passionate about their podcast. You’ll be on the edge of laughter the whole episode through! 

Episodes are about 35 to 45 minutes each and feature “dumb” stories as well as “genius” stories such as epic prison breaks. These are perfect for your lunch break or daily commute, or like me, a binge listen on a slow work day! Episodes are uploaded frequently so you won’t be left waiting long if you find yourself all caught up. If you haven’t started yet, I recommend a good marathon.