Wine & Crime


The universe really did not want me to write this review. I have been trying for a minute now to crank it out, and man, it just wasn’t having it. But here it is! Language warning, and sorry for the wait. 

I don’t really like wine, but I really love strong, independent women who can drink it while coherently talking about some really terrible topics. This is a pretty common trend for my podcast queue, but nobody stands out quite like the ladies from Wine & Crime. Yep, the three friends who chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents (awful, but also incredibly endearing. Amanda’s accent gives me life).

See, the thing about Wine & Crime that sets them apart from other true crime podcasts – and even other TC pods in my queue – is the fact that these ladies honest to god do not give a single solitary fuck. And what I mean is that they’re going to sit down, hit you with the facts, and call it like they see it. They are blunt with how they each deliver information.

I’m definitely getting ahead of myself, excuse me.

I began listening to Wine & Crime when they released episode six, a small little topic known as Munchausen’s Syndrome. At this time, I had been reading article after article and listening to several podcasts surrounding the case of Dee Dee & Gypsy Rose Blancharde. I was fascinated by this case, and then the psychology behind Munchausen’s Syndrome (and the “by proxy” aspect) so when I stumbled across this episode, of course I had to listen.

And I’ll be honest – at first, I didn’t know how to feel about this podcast. I had just started listening to podcasts (and up to this point, only podcasts hosted by men), so it was very different (read: empowering) to stumble across a podcast where three very strong, very smart women were openly discussing the fucked up things that also fascinated me.

Let me walk you through the typical format for their pod real quick.

You’re going to start with a disclaimer that perfectly highlights Amanda’s accent. A quick warning that these are some fucked up things you’re about to hear, and listener discretion is advised. Heed that warning before turning on the cannibalism episode, definitely.

Cue the little theme music, which perfectly sets up the quirky but creepy atmosphere of the show, and then roll in to the famous intro.

“Welcome to Wine & Crime, where three friends chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents.”

I find myself quoting this several times a day, which can be problematic for several reasons.

  1. This is not my podcast.
  2. I don’t even have three friends.
  3. I’m not a fan of wine and
  4. My accent is Alabamian, not Minnesotan

But it’s just so damn catchy, and that’s how you know you’re doing something right – you’ve got a tagline that is easily memorable and repeatable. Then again, a lot of the things these women say are pretty damn quotable. More on that in a moment.

After a few moments of quick little quips and anecdotes, and the introduction of our topic, Amanda pops in with our choice of wine for the week. Now, there is something incredibly impressive about Amanda’s knowledge of wine and her ability to pair it with these (sometimes incredibly disturbing) topics. She goes in to detail the history of the wine, where it originates, and goes in to detail about flavor – the high and low notes, earthy vs. fruity tones, and why she picked this wine to go with that topic.

And then she hits us with one of two “pretty damn quotable” phrases, depending on whether the wine is a twist-off or standard cork: “Nice pop!” or “Nice crack!” (Throw in a “mommy fuckin’ likey” & “fucking patriarchy” every now and then and you’ve got the grand trifecta of a quotable episode).

After the history and reasoning for the choice of wine, it’s time to dive in to the nitty gritty. Lucy delivers a lot of detailed and accurate information on the topic – the psychology, statistics, popular examples, and what exactly does that mean? explanations. Through this delivery of information, Amanda and Kenyon will ask questions that I also have and am just too lazy to Google. And let me tell you, some of this information is downright terrifying. The psychos & socios episode personally freaked me the fuck out. No thank you.

After Lucy provides the background information, our girls jump in to their stories – real examples of these crimes and scenarios that, yes, actually happened. Each one of these women tells their story in their own goofy way, but still show respect to the victim(s) and their families when applicable. One of my favorite things about this podcast is how interactive they are with each other. They truly are three friends who like to sit down and discuss this stuff, which is part of what makes it so entertaining for the listeners. Between the three of them, all of the bases are covered. You’re going to leave knowing far more about this topic than you ever wanted to, and in this case that is a good thing.

These topics can be incredibly heavy, disturbing, and in some cases downright terrifying – these ladies manage to keep it light and airy. Not so much in a blase, nonchalant way; like I said, they still show respect to victims and their families. They are moreso accepting the situations for what they are, with the knowledge that the past can’t be changed. They use humor to cope with how terrible the world can be – which is one of the healthier ways to deal – but still manage to be informative and appropriate in the delivery of these stories. This podcast usually runs about an hour and a half long, so you are getting a great deal of information and entertainment per episode.

You’ve got three very similar but very unique hosts, all which offer their own special flair to this show. The three of them together are an unstoppable force of humor and a goldmine of information. The ladies are very interactive with their listeners on the podcast’s social media pages, as well as their own individual twitters, all of which I will link below.

These ladies have 603 – yes, six hundred and three, you read that right – on iTunes. They have a perfect 5-star rating overall. I imagine the only people who wouldn’t like these ladies are people like Alan, which you will learn about when you listen to episode 25, by far the hardest I’ve laughed in a long time.

Wine & Crime is one of the first podcasts that I’ve classified into my “OG Pods” group – a list of about ten or so podcasts that truly are the reason why I am passionate about listening, promoting, and reviewing podcasts. I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to be here for as long as I have been, and that I’ve been able to love and interact with these ladies as much as I have. The three of these women are strong, amazing, brilliant women who are the embodiment of strength in my head, and they inspire me far more than I can explain.

Be a cool person, become a patron to this badass podcast, like I am 😀 Like Wine & Crime on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and follow on Instagram. You can also follow the hosts on Twitter:

Go ahead and give this podcast a chance, even if you’re weird like me and don’t like wine. You’ll laugh, cringe, and probably become a hardcore feminist when you listen. It’s totally worth it.

Also, fun story, I went to the doctor Wednesday morning with a brutal case of bronchitis. While I was there, I heard the receptionist at the front desk listening to Wine & Crime, which was awesome! We struck up an awesome conversation about the pod. All was fine. However all was not fine when the receptionist ended up also being the nurse that gave me several shots in my butt. I’m not dead, thankfully, but I still was having some pretty serious Angels of Death thoughts that had me spooked. I’m all cool with being into morbid topics until you’re stabbing strange substances into my body. That’s just me.

So Amanda, Kenyon, and Lucy – keep up the great work and the great humor! Thank you guys for being consistent and all around amazing. You guys are great and deserve all the great things!



As a quick side note, I want to extend a huge thank you to all of you who are reading, sharing, and offering feedback and suggestions. I am by no means a professional, I just genuinely enjoy sharing my opinions, but to find that there are so many who actually enjoy reading these reviews really just makes my day. You guys are all really awesome! (Special thank you to Phil & Nick from My Thing Can Beat Your Thing. You’ve been great!)

And That’s Why We Drink


Sometimes, you find something so amazing that you can’t help but fall in love the instant you lay your eyeballs on it. And sometimes, the same thing happens with podcasts – except you can’t lay your eyeballs on that. Actually, laying your eyeballs on anything sounds painful. Let’s just forget I said that at all.

Enter And That’s Why We Drink, a podcast centered around the paranormal and true crime – hosted by the ever-lovely Christine and Em. Christine (#TeamWine) and Em (#TeamMilkshake) start each episode by discussing the reasons why they consume their chosen beverage – usually a funny little anecdote from an occurrence over the past week. It’s a very small but very important component to what makes them relatable and personable. You get a small look into their lives, which makes you feel more like a friend than a listener, which is something that is really important to me.

(Perhaps the most important part of the podcast is any and every moment that either Christine or Em talks about Gio – Christine’s little fluffy rescue pup that would totally be Em’s sidekick if she were a superhero.)

So we roll into the stories. Em presents a (usually creepy AF) paranormal story, accompanied by Christine’s gasps and “oh my gods” galore. (If you’d like an example, check out my favorite episode – Ep. 18). The thing about Em is that she has such a soothing voice (at least to me; apparently that isn’t a compliment she gets often aha!) but she manages to deliver the detail and information in a way that will still capture your attention.

Christine will, in turn, share a (usually equally creepy AF) true crime story in a similar light. Much like Em, you can tell that Christine puts a great deal of research and time into what she is sharing as well. I feel this is especially prevalent in Ep. 30, where she delivers the story of Sylvia Liken in all its infamous glory. The thing that I truly love about Christine is that, even with the uncomfortable stuff that often comes with discussing true crime, she doesn’t skip a beat. She acknowledges these things are disturbing, but still manages to say the right things at the right time (along with Em’s help; she has the better jokes! Sorry Christine!) to keep the atmosphere to become too overbearing with negativity.

Beyond the podcast itself, Christine and Em are so lovely. You can tell they are the best of friends – their chemistry radiates through the speaker, and I am genuinely envious of such a precious friendship.

Christine is such a beautiful human with such a beautiful soul. In every interaction I’ve had with her on Twitter, she has been so very kind to me. You can tell that Christine genuinely cares about people – listeners, friends, family – and she has such a good heart. That’s not really something that you see a lot of, especially with strangers over the internet. Christine is one of those people that I would totally be willing to chill with – sweatpants, watching Netflix, drinking wine on a Saturday night. Her disposition and personality is just so pure, and honestly her awesomeness cannot be overstated.

Em is just as precious. She’s got a great sense of humor, a lot of interesting stories, and an amazing personality. Another really awesome thing about Em is that she is unashamed of her sexuality and uses her platform to support the LGBT+ community. It means a lot to me knowing that there is somebody representing our community in a position such as Em. We don’t have to make it about sexuality to hear a good story, but she doesn’t shy away from it either, as so many people would. I cannot put into words how cool it is to look up to someone who is so comfortable with who she is, and doesn’t mind sharing that. Being LGBT+ is not something to be ashamed of – which is a lesson that I’m slowly learning myself – and Em is the embodiment of that self-love and confidence. Just like I’d chill with Christine, I’d definitely buy Em waffles and a milkshake.

Listening to ATWWD brings me a lot of comfort – I feel like I’m part of a family, like Em and Christine are the sisters I’ve never had (but always wanted). When I’m listening to a podcast where I feel like I’m present & included, I feel like I’ve found myself a safe place to call home. That’s very important to me.

So, Christine & Em, thank you guys for doing what you do and for being a bright light in a dark place. You guys are doing an amazing job, and I’m so thankful that I get to listen every week and feel like I’m a part of it – even if only a small part.

And That’s Why We Drink has 285 reviews on iTunes, and have a perfect 5-star rating. On Facebook, they have 1,682 likes and 1,744 follows. They also have 3,757 followers on Twitter. For such a high amount of followers, they are super interactive and attentive with their listeners/followers. You can also find them on Instagram, where they are also very interactive with followers.

There are 188 patrons that support Em & Christine on Patreon. I am proud to be one of those patrons. Even if it’s only $1 a month, throw some support behind these lovely ladies!

You can also follow the hosts on their personal Twitter accounts.

Christine can be found here. || Em can be found here.

I very much love & support (and always will) this podcast. It is unique in it’s own special way, and it means so much to me. Give it a listen – you won’t regret it!

P.S. – #TeamMilkshake

It’s About Damn Crime


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I really love true crime podcasts. Specifically true crime podcasts that are hosted by women, either inebriated or on the road to it, and/or crimes that really don’t get the attention that they deserve. Bring in It’s About Damn Crime – a podcast about true crime, but with a twist. Brittney and Justine, as minorities themselves, like to focus more on crimes related to minorities.

These are crimes that are often less discussed than crimes against predominately white victims, however they deserve just as much attention. Brittney and Justine bring these cases to the surface, sharing all the grizzly details that are generally not discussed without being incredibly overbearing.

“We are slightly unfiltered and sometimes sure to be a little offensive. If you are here looking for hard hitting reporting of these cases; this is not the place! We are just here to get out some stories that have been less talked about and do a little something more productive with our spare time.” – IADC’s website

Brittney and Justine manage to maintain a great sense of humor (i.e. Justine’s crazy dating life) while still providing clear detail and accurate information. My personal favorite episode is episode 22 – La Mataviejitas. (That is actually the episode that I live tweeted while listening to it on my main Twitter, hah!)

I was also really intrigued by the episodes on the Shafia Family Murders. That was a case that I’d heard about briefly from independent research, but it didn’t really get a lot of media coverage – at least, not here in North Alabama. Brittney and Justine provided a lot of good information about the case, divided into two episodes.

They also have a special “listeners’ stories” segment called Stranger Danger. There are ten episodes, all related to listeners’ stories regarding strangers – the weird, the terrifying, and sometimes even the helpful. This shows that Brittney and Justine have a genuine interest in their listeners and their lives.

They are incredibly interactive with their listeners, as well. Their Twitter is full of comments and reaction gifs in response to tweets from their listeners. There are 138 likes on their Facebook page, as well as 144 people actively following the page. They even have a Snapchat (which I feel all podcasts should have, but I digress): iadcpodcast. The hosts also have personal Twitters as well. You can follow Justine here. You can follow Brittney here.

There are 42 reviews for IADC on iTunes, which equates to 4.5 stars for the podcast. All of the individual reviews I saw on iTunes – excluding three of them – are 5 stars. Of the others, one is four stars, one is three stars, and one of them is one star (but I have a feeling that person is just a tad stupid). I myself personally give these ladies five stars, because they are covering topics that aren’t typically discussed and they do it in a way that is both entertaining and true to the information.

Beyond all of this, Brittney and Justine are such sweethearts. They also are a dynamic duo – their friendship is admirable and they have a connection that you can feel even through listening to their podcast. I love these ladies, and they definitely have a lifelong listener in me!

Check out their website, Listen to them on iTunes. You can also support them by donating to their Patreon.

Give them a listen. I promise you won’t regret it!

We’re All Mad Here

Whoo, first post! Let’s do this.

Today, I’m going to talk about a podcast that is very near and dear to my heart. It’s a newer podcast – We’re All Mad Here. There are several reasons I really love this podcast, so let’s get into that, shall we?

We’re All Mad Here is a podcast about the history of mental health and the practices around treating disorders such as depression, the history of mental institutions, and more interesting information pertaining to the psychology field.

Rachel is very well spoken and articulate in the delivery of this information, and it shows that she really does her research and cares about this podcast. Her delivery of the information and the inflection in her voice is also both intriguing and soothing – it’s not stressful to listen to, but it’s still going to capture your attention and hold you there.

My particularly favorite episode is episode number nine: Rosemary Made All the Difference. I was amazed at all of the background about Rosemary Kennedy that I didn’t know. People don’t really discuss much of the (mis)treatment of Rosemary. Rachel provides a pretty detailed look into Rosemary’s life, for better and for worse.

We’re All Mad Here has ten five-star ratings/reviews on iTunes. There are also a plethora of reviews from other places, such as Twitter and Facebook, all sporting very positive ratings.

I myself have left a five star rating as well, because I am enamored by this podcast, the topics, and how wonderful Rachel is. Not only is the podcast itself really great, but the interaction with listeners is also frequent and delightful. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this podcast, and that says a lot, because I don’t really find a lot of things this enjoyable.

Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s working. And it’s working well!

Visit the website, Follow the podcast on Twitter. Support the podcast by donating to the Patreon page.