The Process

A lot of planning goes into what I want to say and how I plan to go about it. I have a schedule I like to stick to for everything, and that goes for literally everything in my life. But to eliminate any confusion, I wanted to go ahead and show what goes into how I rate & review podcasts.

The first step is deciding which podcast to review. I have a habit of just doing things in the order of which they come to me. So typically whichever podcast popped into my twitter notifications first, that’s the podcast that went down on my list first. If I keep things in order like this, it makes it easier to keep track with what I have and haven’t done.

The second step is reviewing the content. Is it engaging? Is it relevant to the overall theme of the podcast? Do the hosts genuinely enjoy what they’re doing? Did they put in the proper amount of effort? Did they research, or do they have evidence to back up their opinions? These are some of the things I’m looking for.

The final step in my reviewing process is more on the shallow side. I like to take a look at the rating and reviews of the podcast on iTunes, check the number of downloads that the podcast has, and check the reception of the podcast via their social media. I like to see how many followers they have, if they interact often with their followers/listeners, and what their social media presence is. This doesn’t really feed into my final opinion of the podcast, but I do like to know these details nonetheless.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between reviewing a podcast as a whole, or just one episode at a time. I try to break it up, give every podcast equal opportunity by doing reviews of both the overall product and individual episodes.

Some podcasts I have a long running rapport with, but I try not to be too biased in my reviews. That said, these are all my opinions. I do not get paid for these reviews. I am not sponsored by nor do I sponsor any of these podcasts. I am just someone who is genuinely passionate about podcasts and likes to share my opinion about things.