The Queue

  • These are the podcasts that are all, obviously, in the queue. Some are ones we listen to on a regular basis, some are waiting to be listened to and reviewed, just the shows we’re working through. If you have any suggestions, head on over to the Contact page and let us know who else you’d like to see here! (Please excuse any pods that are listed twice; we’re only human and there are a lot of pods here and this can be confusing). One day, eventually, this list will actually be complete & without spelling errors, but that day is not today. 

    2 Stars Podcast
    600 Second Saga
    Affirmative Murder Podcast
    All Bad Things
    Already Gone Podcast
    Anxious & Insecure
    At You Sideways Podcast
    Barstool Politics
    Best Forevers Podcast
    Bloody Date Night
    Boundary Issues
    Burner Phone Podcast
    Can We Cult?
    Chelsea CentrAL
    Comics in Motion Podcast

    Crime and Scandal Podcast
    Cult of Domesticity
    Degrassi Voyager
    Disagreeable Nerd
    Don’t Take This Personal Podcast
    Embrace the Void
    Everything I Learned From Movies
    Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children
    Five Easy Pieces
    Forgot To Grow Up
    Fun Dip & Cherry Coke
    Funeral Stories Podcast
    Gayish Podcast
    Ghost Press Podcast
    Ghosts in the Burbs
    Go Postal Podcast
    Graveyard Tales
    Grim Happenings
    Halfway to Thunder Town
    Heebie Jeebie Babes
    Hell and High Horror
    High Crimes
    Hollywood & Crime
    Hollywood Paranormal
    Horros of the Remake
    How is this Movie?
    Into the Portal Podcast
    Intro/Extro Podcast
    Is This Adulting?
    It’s Haunted…What Now?
    Kill by Kill
    Left Behind
    Letters from My Ex
    Lights Out Frights Out
    Mars 2060
    Memphis Type History
    Mirths and Monsters
    Movie Babies
    Movie Dumpster
    Movies On Tap
    Murder in the Land of Oz
    Murdertown Podcast
    Mystery Street Reviews
    Nerdy Bitches
    No Sleep Podcast
    Not Your Little Lady
    Occultae Veritatis
    Our Strange Skies Podcast
    Peculiar Mayhem
    Pints and Puzzles Pod
    Popcorn & Pop Culture
    Put Your Hazards On
    Raiders of the Lost Commentary
    Rainbows and Horror Movies
    Red Handed
    Roast Mortem Podcast
    SCARED? Podcast
    Season of the
    Sensibly Cynical
    Shit Happens When You Party Naked
    Sinners VS Saints
    So I Married a Movie Geek
    Solved or Not
    Southern Fried True Crime
    Southern Gone Podcast
    Southern Gothic
    Southern Mysteries
    Starless Podcast
    Super Movie Bros.
    Superstition Podcast
    Swinging Through Spider-Man
    Talk About Ghosts
    The Backstory Podcast
    The Calling Hours Horror Podcast
    The Cleaning of John Doe
    The Fall Line
    The Less Dead Podcast
    The Night Shift: At Night
    The Peripheral
    The Podcast is Coming from Inside the House
    The Short Stories of Augie Peterson
    The Truth Is Somewhere
    The Wych Vs The Doomsday Clock
    Theme Park Films
    Those Movie Guys
    True Crime 204
    True Crime Guys
    Two of a Kind & True Crime
    Very Dark Very Quick
    We Talk About Dead People
    We Watched a Thing
    Who Killed Julie?
    Why Am I Watching This?
    Wiki Wheel Podcast
    Fear Boners Podcast
    #NoOffense Show
    3 Cuckoos
    A Couple Conjectures
    Across the Pondcast
    All Creatures Podcast
    American Crimecast
    Archangels of Justice
    Bacon and Eggs Podcast
    Bedroom Drinking
    Bitch With Me
    Broke and Educated
    But Why Tho
    Casual Birder Podcast
    Chronosphere Fiction
    Content Control Podcast
    Could Have Happened
    Crime Culture
    Damaged Goods
    DATS Life
    Devil Country
    Doc and The Deacon
    Drunk: The Pod
    Empty Podcast
    Extra Salty Podcast
    Fan Drunk
    Florida Man Strikes Again
    Fresh Squeezed
    Geekish Cast
    Ghoul Gang Podcast
    Gravity Sucks Podcast
    Hashtag Blackout Podcast
    Hella Average Gaming
    Home Video Hustle
    I Got the Hell Out
    I’m Talking to Jew
    In Poor Taste
    It Takes 3 Podcast
    Keanu, Biscuits, and Dave
    Knock Once For Yes
    Lesser Evils Podcast
    Lone Star Law & Disorder
    Magical Murder Kingdom
    Mean Old World
    MetaMagic Podcast
    Missing Minority
    Most Okayest Podcast
    Murder Blows
    Murder We Wrote
    My Sh*tty Writing
    Neon Brainiacs
    Never Better Podcast
    Normies Like Us
    Novel Predictions Podcast
    Off Day
    Pete’s Paranormal Chronicles
    Planet Express Delivery
    Politics With Dummies
    Popular Parallax
    Quick Five
    Reel Time: The Podcast
    Rolling Misadventures
    School of Schlock
    Self Care Sundays
    Sharing Opinions Podcast
    Sicko Podcast
    SKRIM Podcast
    Snark Tower Podcast
    Somewhere in the Skies
    Sports Mastery
    Stinger Podcast
    Sunshine & Powercuts
    T&T Sports Talk
    Talking Crass
    The Aidan Project
    The Apogeeks
    The Bitchery of History
    The Cardinal Sins Drama
    The EoN Projectt
    The Good Fight
    The Lady Killers Podcast
    The Lurid Family
    The Phenomenon
    The Rogue Muslim
    The Stack Pack
    The Undersiders
    There Might Be Cupcakes
    This Insecure Life
    Thunk Tank
    Too Much Scrolling
    True Crime Enthusiast
    Tunnels Podcast
    Unrestricted Podcast
    Views from the 601
    Weird S**t Podcast
    What If World Podcast
    What’s So Funny?
    Wine and Punishment
    Woefully Uninformed
    Wrestling Nerds Alliance
    2 Dude Review
    33% Pulp
    A Paranormal Chicks
    Admit 1 Movies
    All Geeks Aside
    Another Path
    Asian Madness Podcast
    Bad Taste Crimecast
    Besotted Geek
    Black, Trans, & Beautiful
    Bookstore Pod
    Brown Girls Do It Podcast
    Calling Bank Podcast
    Chasing the Mind
    Cold Case Murder Mysteries
    Crazy Town Podcast
    Crime Room
    Dark & Stormy Podcast
    Death Valley Podcast
    Dinner Sisters
    Don’t Go Down that Road
    Dudes with Brews on a Porch
    Escape This
    Eye for an Eye
    Fan Theory World
    Films on Trial
    Follow the Crumbs
    FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast
    Gareth’s Random Ramblings
    Genuine ChitChat
    Girlfriends Happy Hour
    Hackthought Podcast
    He Saw, She Saw
    Hello Life WTF
    Horror Academy
    I Shake My Head
    Impact Statement Podcast
    In the Myx
    Jump In Social
    Killer Jobs Podcast
    LadySh!t with Lily & Brit
    Let’s Talk TV Podcast
    Love, Lust, and Pixie Dust
    Married AF
    Meddling Kids Podcast
    Miles Apart
    Modern Fae
    Movie Geek & Proud
    Murder Dictionary
    Murderour Minors
    Nerd Vs. World
    Night Shift: At Night
    Not Guilty Podcast
    Now That I’m Older
    Our Strange Days
    Picky Bastards
    Podenstein’s Lab

    Pretend Radio
    Rabbit In Red Radio Show
    Reasonable Risk Podcast
    Requiem for a Meme
    Roots of Rock
    Scooby Doo Justice Project
    Sense & Theory Pod
    Shattered Worlds RPG
    Simmons and Moore Podcast
    Sleep Whispers
    Sofa King Podcast
    Spectral Asylum
    Squirm Podcast
    Strght Up Pdcst
    Super Retro Throwback
    Take Too Pod
    That’s Weird
    The Altered Angle
    The Babe and The Bro
    The Bradshaw Boys
    The Cretins Guild
    The Five AM Cast
    The Haunted Podcast
    The Last Knock Podcast
    The Mr. BS Show
    The Plunge Podcast
    The Roommates Pod
    The Story Behind
    The Unseen Podcast
    Things I Found Online
    This Week in True Crime History
    Tight Ends Podcast
    Trash Town Podcast
    True Crime Finland
    Twisted Sisterds
    Unbecoming of Age
    Unsolved As Told By the Unqualified
    We Don’t Do Stuff
    Wh1te N0ize
    What The F*@! Nature?!
    Who Are These Podcasts?
    Wining About Crime
    Worst Crimes Ever
    You Can Rewind It
    Your Fave Is Problematic
    2 Girls on a Bench
    365 Flicks
    A Podcast About Something
    Affirmative Assessment
    All the Time We Have
    Another True Crime Podcast
    At the Fire
    Balance and Peace
    Best Darn Diddly
    Blood on the Rocks
    Boos and Brews
    Bud Ears Podcast
    Calling Podcast
    Chatty Crafties Podcast
    Comedy Geek Podcast
    Cool Facts About Animals
    Crazy Train of Thought
    Crime Smith
    Cult Movie Cult
    Dark Divide
    Decomposition Podcast
    Dire Times
    Don’t Look Behind You
    DUED Podcast
    Esoteric Oddities
    Fading Steps
    Fatal Friends Podcast
    First Class Fatherhood
    Following Films Podcast
    Front Porch Disney
    Gary Joseph Show
    Get It Together
    Girls Beer Sports Podcast
    Hags Podcast
    Headline Heroes
    Hey, Bestie!
    Horror Explorers
    I Want to Believe Podcast
    Imploding Fictions
    Inappropriate Questions Podcast
    Just Grubbin’
    Killin’ It: The Crimecast
    Large Marge Sent Us
    Letter Talk Podcast
    Lunchtime Podcast
    Married to Murder
    Megalo and Maniac
    Mindshock Podcast
    Moms on the Rocks
    Movie Maintenance
    Murder Down Under
    Murders, Mysteries, and Mimosas Podcasat
    Mysteriously Bizarre
    Nikki’s Podcast
    Not Just New Movies
    Obtuse Angles
    Our Strange Girlhood
    Peace Out Podcast
    Pinkies Up Podcast
    Pop Up Film
    Pretty Gross
    Radio Silence
    Record Talk Listen
    Resident Weirdos
    Rough Giraffe
    Second Press
    Sensible People
    She the People
    Sinister Sisters
    Slothman Prophecies
    Something Random
    Spider-Man the Animated Series Podcast
    St. Paul Filmcast
    Strictly Homicide Podcast
    Superhero Speak
    Take Too Spotlight
    The 2 Bobs
    The Amateur Detective Club
    The Bachelor Zone Podcast
    The BroKast Podcast
    The DeRailers
    The Flipside Podcast
    The Hidden Staircase
    The Last Ovation
    The Murder in My Family
    The Pod Café
    The Scary Sisters
    The Subject Today
    The Unwritable Rant
    Things Wrong With Things
    Those Happy Places
    Today Then
    Travel Oddities
    True Crime Garage
    Two Guys and a Game
    Unearthly Podcast
    Useless Debates
    We Drink and We Know Things
    Whale Bus Podcast
    What the If?
    Who Invited THIS Guy?!
    Worst of the Worst
    1994 Pod Cast
    3 Ninjas Podcast
    A Night of Horror
    Actor and Engineer Podcast
    All Crime, No Cattle
    American Tales Podcast
    Around the World in 80s Movies
    Bad Reception Podcast
    Before You Were Born
    Bitchen Boutique
    boobies & noobies
    Brothers Commonplace
    Cabronas y Chingonas
    Celtic Myths and Legends Podcast
    Click Bait Podcast
    Convince Us Podcast
    Cracked Spines
    Crime Girls
    Cryptid Keeper Podcast
    Danger Club Podcast
    Dead Frogs Podcast
    Dimly Lit
    Domestic Podcast
    Dudes n Beer
    Evening Radio
    Extraordinary Stories
    Fat Guy Radio Show
    Films Fatal to the Flesh
    Florida Men: The Podcast
    Friendzone Podcast
    Gamma Radio
    Genre Junkies
    Girl Talk
    Guilty: A True Crime Podcast
    Haunt Heads Podcast
    HellMart Podcast
    Honestly?! A Podcast
    I Heart Dead Things
    imdbjourney Podcast
    In Sight Podcast
    Jock & Nerd Podcast
    Killafornia Dreaming
    Lady Bitch Time
    Let’s Read the Bible
    Love Handles Podcast
    Man Cave Happy Hour
    Meanwhile at Temple
    Modern Day Philosophers
    Mount Olympus University
    Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas
    My Worst Date
    Nerd Stop Podcast
    Nicki Needs An Adult
    Not Another X-Files Pod
    Novium Future
    Pages for All Ages
    Petty by Nature
    Podcast Goals
    Quietly Yours
    Reason Prevails
    Release the Clowns
    ROM of the Week Pod
    SciFi Double Feature Drive In Podcast
    Semi Intellectual Musings
    Slasher Radio Podcast
    So Dreamy
    Space Ward
    Spree Podcast
    Stranger Than Podcast
    Super Nerds UK
    Take the Mass Pike
    The All Scene Eye
    The Ascension Show
    The Blood Crow Stories
    The Crazy Clinic Podcast
    The Fall of the House of Sunshine
    The Goth Librarian Podcast
    The Lantern Cinema
    The Minds of Madness
    The Plug Podcast Show
    The PurposeGirl Podcast
    The Steve Callis Show
    The Unhappy Cyclops
    Things About Stuff
    This That & The Other
    Thursday Ketchup
    Trailer Junkies Podcast
    True Crime Fan Club
    Turn of Phrases
    Unadulterated BS
    Unseasoned Podcast
    Voice of the Victim Podcast
    Weirder Things Podcast
    What If?
    Whine And Dine
    Wines n Headlines
    Work/Life Impalance Podcast
    Yeah No Yeah Podcast
    20 Sided Stories
    About Face
    After Disaster Broadcast
    Always Bet on Geek
    Anytown, USA
    Average SportsCast
    BAYK Podcast
    Between Us Girls
    Bloody Murder Podcast
    Bourbon & Branch
    Busted Wide Open
    Carousel Sniper Victim
    Chewed Gum
    Concession Stand
    Corner House Chronicles
    Crime by the Bar Podcast
    Daddy Issuez
    Dark Remnants
    Denim & Sweats
    Dish Gods
    Drinks at 3am
    Dumb All Over
    Everything Is Fine
    Fallout Files
    Felon True Crime
    Flicks for Kicks
    Forgotten News
    Fun Size Happy Hour
    GayTalk 2.0
    Getting Off Podcast
    Gone Too Soon
    Heavy Metal Horror Cast
    High and Low: A Kurosawa Podcast

    Idiots Without Credibility
    Impostered Legends
    Infinite Deer
    Kane and Feels Podcast
    Killing Your Darlings
    Laughing Luchadores
    Lights Out Podcast
    Mad Scientist
    Martinis and Macabre
    Mens Rea
    Minutia Men
    More Gooder Than
    Movies That Matter
    Murder Road Trip
    Murphy & Jessica Podcast
    Nature of the Beast
    Nerdy by Nature
    Noise Pollution
    Nothing Rhymes With Murder
    Out of the Fridge
    People Are Wild
    Pipin’ Hot Tea Podcast
    Podventure Time
    Popcorn Prattle
    Rants and Reason Podcast
    Reel Chat
    Rise of King Asilas
    Sage and Savant
    Second-Hand Amusement
    Shamble Fest
    Shot Thru the Chart
    Sippin’ and Swearin’ Podcast
    Snack Masters Inc
    Something’s Not Right
    Spiked Coffee and Sarcasm
    Stay Away From…
    Subject: Found
    Superiority Complex
    Talk More About That
    The 98% Podcast
    The Amelia Project
    The Beam
    The Broken Zipper Podcast
    The Diarist
    The Game Brew Podcast
    The Hot Spot Podcast
    The Little Podcast of Horrors
    The One Where They Talk About Friends
    The Podcast That
    The Sisters Grimm
    The Thirst Podcast

    Think to the Brink
    Three Lunatics
    Tom & Jack Podcast
    True Crime After Dark
    True Crime Island
    Two Worst Dudes
    Wednesday Comic Book Show
    What Are You Worried About?
    What Were They Thinking?
    Wild Pitch
    Witching Hour
    Worth It Podcast
    Yikes! The Podcast
    3 Angry Nerds
    911 Moms
    Ace’s Spotlite
    Age of Victoria
    Amazing Maine
    Aqua Marianas
    Aww Sheet Podcast
    Bears on Film
    Beyond Your Nightmares
    Blunty Mommy Podcast
    Breakers Podcast
    But I Don’t Want to be a Secondary Character!
    Case Identity
    Chicks with Flicks
    Consensus Reality Podcast
    Couch Potato Files
    Crime Crazy
    Dashing Digressions
    Deviant Podcast
    Do You Even Podcast?
    Drinks with Larry
    Dumpster Fire Cinema
    Exit Ramp Podcast
    Fame and Misfortune Podcast
    Feminine Mistakes
    Flicks X-Rayed
    Four Fat Guys
    Galaxy Wars Podcast
    Geekend Amazons
    Ghosts of Wales
    Gravity Beard
    Happily Ever Aftermath
    Heist Podcast
    Historical Blindness
    Ignorance Was Bliss
    In God They Trusted
    InSession Film
    Kaufman Carnival
    Kitchen Sink
    Learnt Up Podcast
    Loaded Literature
    Magic King Dom
    Masc4Masc Podcast
    Mental Mastery Mondays
    Miserable Retail Slave
    Most Notorious
    MsInformation Podcast
    Murder She Spoke
    Nature vs. Narcissism
    Nerdy Things Podcast
    Nordic True Crimes
    Notporn Podcast
    Of Myth and Mercy
    Outlines Podcast
    Perhaps It’s You Podcast
    Pizza Talks Radio
    Political Otters
    Queens of the Millenial Age
    RealDudes Podcast
    Reel Feels
    Rock Talk
    Secret Transmission Podcast
    Share a Slice
    Sick Sad World
    Sipping Sisters
    Snakeskin Movie Lounge
    Sometimes Greek
    Spoop Hour Podcast
    Stay Talking Ish
    subjective Podcast
    Talking Backwards
    The Adult Babies Show
    The Amish Baby Machine Podcast
    The Big Nerdy Podcast
    The Cabinet Podcast
    The Dreamer’s City
    The Gentlemen’s Debate
    The Joy Project Podcast
    The Lonely Palette
    The Naice Things Podcast
    The Podcast That Must Not Be Named
    The Socially Coarse Podcast
    The Time Travel Trio
    The World We Live In
    Third Life Crisis
    Throwdown Thursday Podcast
    Too Macabre Ladies
    True Crime All the Time
    True Crime Sweden
    UK True Crime
    Unlucky Frog Gaming
    Very Bad Words
    We Fix Space Junk
    What If Podcast
    What’s Her Name Podcast
    Wine & Die
    Within the Realm
    Wrestle Me This
    Zero Supervision News

           …and so, so, so many more.